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Back To NG.....again?

2017-09-18 12:07:45 by Deception16

Another two years of not visiting Newgrounds..... until now.....what is new?, what is still the same?, what is the hottest flash game/movie? What I did miss after all this time? (Two years for the internet is a lot of time.... for me at least) Can someone get me up to speed on current events? Or just give to another portal denizen a welcome back? (Not obligatory) 

Back to NG?

2015-04-20 21:18:18 by Deception16

After two years of absence.......maybe, just maybe

Hello 2013!!

2013-01-04 07:43:45 by Deception16

What wonders, tragedies, non- sense and epicness you shall throw on us? Can´t wait to see what you have to offer.


2012-12-21 06:44:39 by Deception16

Today shall be our last day but still nothing its happening at least in my end that is but when really nothing happens I cant help myself but imagine the faces all those extremely ignorant and gullible people that believes every idiotic non sense claims that are thrown down their heads seriously people like those doesnt bother to research and know the validity of those claims well right now I am cracking up like never before actually I have survived many end of the world now, heck dude I could be inmortal but sooner or later another end of the world theory will come up so it will be the same crazyness all over but I hope that people will most skeptical in these issues

End of the world?

2012-12-16 11:47:13 by Deception16

Well people in 5 days the mayan profhecy should be fulfilled and the earth along with all of us would completed destroyed, now the internet has feed up this non-sense with a ton....of well non-sense not only there is a huge number of people that actually bought the 2012 thing also all religions world wide are trying to give away comfort and answers to whats gonna happen that day. And what will happen? Nothing, seriously how many doomdays we`ve been through already? The 1996 rapture if I not mistaken, the Y2K, the 06/06/06, the 21st may of 2011 and last one the 11/11/11 day all these dates have something in common nothing happened no cosmical disaster no nuclear war no mega asteroid no super natural cathastrophe (sorry for the bad english) etc. We as human beings we are afraid on what lies ahead especially on the unknow but when we search for answers born from our curiosity the fear is lost so that day I will wake up take a walk and laugh a lot when nothing is happening, the most of people prefer to believe in fallacies without proof but the question would be. What their thoughts are when they realized that they are/were wrong? Well this just of thought of mine on the subject as said day its getting closer and for those that still ask me if I am wrong, I say well I would admit my mistake but by then I would be probably dead as you also. For now lets enjoy life a bit more shall we? :)

Spring break W00T!!

2012-06-21 08:39:18 by Deception16

Well at least in my end of the world that is, I dont know when the spring break actually starts in US, just finished the third sort of period in college so I´m free the spring break in my country are just as crazy as in many states in the US well I will just enjoy the plenty of free time in a good manner of course.

Nightly thoughts

2012-03-08 21:47:03 by Deception16

I want to play some FPS lately to release the steam of the all the works and projects from college I had this week and for now I resting from my medal hunting, hit level 18 yesterday *cheers* finally I made it to the level that is equal to my age anyways I want to know a opinion for a very good and solid FPS, as in NG everything is fine playing and watching those new games and movies out there specially games with medals....gotta calm down with those medals but I know that my addiction will control me sooner or later....again *Flashbacks*

Well if someone want to recommend me a good FPS feel free to reply.

Have a good night everyone.

New design and my return!

2012-02-09 13:46:18 by Deception16

Very cool, NG really changed its image and interface, more mature, cooler, original its just awesome a great change to adapt this whole new year that in some way its still starting, the flash interface is more comfortable and now you can see the contributions you have made in a shared game, the flash games and movies are much more organized, more emoticons for your posts and more easy access to one´s account. So like I said a month ago 2012 is really gonna be a cosmic year.

For me I´ll still be infamous with my medal hunt which never ends well there nothing to say.

Deception out

SOPA and the furries

2012-01-13 20:33:22 by Deception16

First, SOPA like the HUGE number of people in the Internet I am against of that new "law" that pose a threat to the freedom speech but with the excuse of "fighting the piracy around the web" but it will affect all sites that the World Wide Web holds because those sites according to this "law" will be suspects of holding content that breaks copyright laws, so the webmasters of bigger sites would have to report any user that holds any music, video, image, etc that has copyright, almost anything on the web and that means a massive closing and blocking of accounts, sites, etc.

The future of the internet will be dark if this "law" pass goodbye Youtube, goodbye Google, Facebook, Twitter and in the worst case (IF SOPA comes to pass) Bye NG. So lets stand up against this "law". I still wondering what the hell the US congress is thinking.

Now second, the furries, no I DO NOT hate them in fact I had friends that are/were furries, we are in the 2012 and is amazing that theres still people that really hate and when I mean HATE furries, people that wont think twice to kill someone that is a furry, people that always use the following sentence:

"Yiff in hell furfag" If someone gave three bucks every time I have saw that sentence in a forum right now I would have nearly the fortune that Bill Gates has, of course has anybody else I have heard crazy
stories about them (The furries) but the reality is that the most of them are normal, sane and cool
people and they dont mess with you unless you REALLY want to hurt them; so why the hate still continues, I have LMAO with those MLP memes and animations as well with any crazy furry art I had encountered. Of course as any group of anything there will be people that goes to the extreme but these are very few. I am not pretty fond to their likes but I respect them because they are still people that like/love what they do as any fan of something.

I wrote this to express myself because the are posts for that....right?

Deception out

Happy new year!!

2012-01-02 12:37:57 by Deception16

2012 is gonna be a cosmic year!